BA to Open on Fridays

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Dr. Mostafa el Feki, Director of the BA, has recently announced that the BA will soon reopen its doors to the public on Fridays. This resolution affirms Alexandria’s state of stability and security and comes as a response to the needs and requests of Alexandrian, Egyptian, Arab, and international researchers who rely on Fridays and Saturdays to work on their research papers.

In another context, Dr. El Feki emphasized that the supply policies of Arabic and international books, periodical, and research papers will be re-drafted after conducting surveys to better understand the needs of researchers in Egypt and the Arab region. He also noted that all BA sectors have been requested to formulate plans to better and more efficiently serve the public using the latest methods online. Moreover, the BA will strengthen its cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education in order to benefit the educational system in Egypt and contribute to developing its education programs.

Dr. El Feki also stated that he assigned the Central Projects and Services Sector to developing the Memory of Modern Egypt website and making it more convenient for teaching Egyptian children and youth about Egypt’s national history using advanced, modern, and intriguing methods. He added that said development will also entail communicating with history teachers of different educational stages in order to make sure that the website’s content is compatible with that of history curricula offered at schools.