BA Offers MA Program in Hellenistic Studies

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The BA Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies has recently announced a call for application for its Hellenistic Studies diploma and MA programs, which are set to begin in September 2017.

The Center offers these programs in cooperation with the Vardinoyannis Foundation and Alexandria University. University graduates are welcome to apply for the diploma or MA degree and select one of the following fields of Hellenistic Studies: history, literature, art, archaeology and architecture, and philosophy and science.

Graduates of the department of archaeology or Greek and Roman studies are welcome to apply directly for the MA program. However, non-specialized students are required to apply for the diploma before qualifying for the MA program. The courses of the one-year diploma are all taught in English.

It is noteworthy that the Hellenistic period is an important era in Alexandrian history; it is the era during which the city of Alexandria was established, and it expands until the age of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the end of Queen Cleopatra’s reign. Despite its importance—as it had an extended impact on both the Roman and Islamic eras—this era has not been given enough attention through studies and research.