BA Launches “The Streets of Alexandria” Competition

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The BA Center of Francophone Activities (CAF) has recently announced the launch of “The Streets of Alexandria (Les Rues D’Alexandrie)” competition, in collaboration with the Centre d’Études Alexandrines (CEAlex). The competition aims to encourage the Francophone community in Alexandria to rediscover the ancient city of Alexandria.

Contestants should design a promotional print that includes pictures of and historical information on one of Alexandria’s famous streets. The information should include details related to the famous venues located on the street in question, such as restaurants, cultural centers, movie theaters, or other venues. The development of the street and its venues over the years, and their current state, should also be mentioned. The competition regulations also state that the print must have a title and should be presented in the form of a small handbook or a leaflet.

It is noteworthy that interested participants may apply individually or in groups. Submission deadline is 14 September 2017.