Dr. El Feki Convenes with Alexandrian Writers, Poets, and Intellectuals

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Dr. Mostafa el Feki, Director of the BA, convened with a number of Alexandrian writers, poets, literary figures, and intellectuals to discuss the challenges facing the cultural scene in Alexandria and to listen to their opinions and suggestions concerning the future of the BA.

Mohamed Ghoneim, former First Undersecretary, Ministry of Culture; Dr. Mohamed Rafik Khalil, Director of the Alexandria Atelier; poet Ahmed Shabloul; and novelist Mounir Oteiba were among the attendees.

All attendees affirmed that cooperating with the BA is crucial in combatting cultural centrism, attracting more youths to participate in cultural activities, reviving people’s interest in Alexandrian Studies and in developing cultural interactions with other Mediterranean countries, and strengthening the country’s cultural discourse.

Dr. El Feki stated that the BA will focus on the intellectual community of Alexandria, especially its youth, noting that the Library will soon launch two cultural programs. Both programs, “The Hall of Enlightenment” and “Alexandria Salon”, aim to assemble people with different mindsets and ideologies to present enlightened thought and purposeful ideas.

He also emphasized that the BA in highly concerned with national issues. Thus, it has been working on establishing a Center for Strategic Studies, which will focus on conducting filed studies and researches on the phenomenon of extremism.

The BA will hold open discussions and assemblies to examine national issues. It will also organize various cultural events to revive enlightened thought, celebrate different fields of knowledge, and connect with other cultures, especially in African countries.

It is noteworthy that, in order to better serve and benefit researchers and the general public, the BA will extend its working hours to 9:00 pm and will soon reopen its doors to the public on Fridays.