Alexandria Salon to Launch on Tuesday

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The BA has invited intellectuals, researchers, poets, and authors to attend its “Alexandria Salon”. The salon’s first assembly, titled “The Future of Egyptian Soft Power”, is going to be held on 12 and 13 September 2017.

Dr. Mostafa el Feki, Director of the BA, stated that the “Alexandria Salon” is a quarterly event to be held every three months. It will be a unconventional occasion that aims to tackle cultural and intellectual issues on international, regional, and national levels and to discuss newly suggested ideas and policies that serve the interests of Egypt and its people. Dr. El Feki added that the BA had invited a number of intellectuals and public figures to offer them the opportunity to voice their opinions.

The salon’s first assembly will tackle a number of key issues, including an opening lecture on the challenges facing people’s rights and liberties in the USA. The salon’s program will also include discussion circles on Alexandrian literature and art. The second day will revolve around a thorough discussion on “The Future of Egyptian Soft Power”, which will eventually offer clear visions and suggestions that would benefit the state’s various institutions.

Several intellectuals, public figures, media personnel, authors, and artists will be participating in the “Alexandria Salon”, for the BA is determined on making the event a significant cultural occasion in which creative minds from all over Egypt can take part.