Adam Henein Annual Sculpture Prize

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In cooperation with the Adam Henein Foundation of Plastic Arts, the BA calls for young sculptors to participate in its second round of the “Adam Henein Annual Sculpture Prize”.

Since the 1950’s, Henein has been one of the most prominent Egyptian sculptors, and has left a significant impact on the Egyptian Contemporary Art movement. It should be noted that the BA houses a permanent Adam Henein exhibition (Selected Artworks of Adam Henein) consisting of the many masterpieces he has donated to the BA since 2010.

The competition will be held within the framework of a roundtable hosted by the BA Art Exhibitions and Collections Department. Based on the 2017-2018 round of the competition, this roundtable will feature renowned artist Adam Henein, architect Akram El-Magdoub, sculptor Essam Darwish, and set designer and art director Onsi Abou Sief. It will reconcile three generations of Egyptian sculptors and present the events of the first round, followed by the registration process of the second. It will also provide some insight on the unique experiences of Adam Henein and the establishment of his Foundation, which was created with the aim of promoting Plastic Arts in Egypt, as well as raise awareness and appreciation of art and beauty. 

Participants must be at least 35 years old, and the work submitted must not have received other prizes. Only one work may be submitted per contestant, and it must not exceed half a cubic meter.  The deadline for photographic works for the second round is 15 November 2017.

The foundation will award, as first prize, fifty thousand Egyptian pounds. The second prize winner will receive a free grant to work under the supervision of Adam Henein in his workshop for two weeks. Finally, a certificate of appreciation will be presented as third prize.