Hieroglyphics and Calligraphy Courses for Children and Young People

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The BA Calligraphy Center is holding Hieroglyphics and Calligraphy educational courses for children and young people aged between 9 and 16 during the summer vacation.

The Hieroglyphics course starts on 12 June 2011 teaching participants how Ancient Egyptians wrote and spoke. It also tackles some aspects of the Pharaonic history with its grand civilization and universal values.

The Calligraphy course starts on 13 June 2011. It introduces features of the Arabic calligraphy, and includes study visits to several mosques in Alexandria.

The courses offer interactive activities which include history, antiquities, art pieces, and field trips. An Exhibition and a Closing Ceremony will be held at the end.

For more information, please contact the Calligraphy Center:
Phone: 4820488
Email: Calligraphy.Center@bibalex.org