Embassies of Knowledge Hold Workshops on Media Work

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The BA Embassies of Knowledge held workshops and seminars over two weeks to train young participants and introduce them to the various fields of media work, including broadcasting and journalism. The workshops were held concurrently at all Embassies of Knowledge located across 20 governorates around Egypt.

The workshops included lectures and seminars that focused on introducing participants to, and teaching them about, the basic foundations of journalistic writing in print and electronic newspapers and how to identify reliable sources of information. Seminars on investigative journalism and how to properly write a news report were also held, alongside workshops on the foundations of photojournalism, how to prepare an investigative photojournalism news report, and the basic principles of broadcasting and montage.  

The lectures were delivered by a number of journalists, eminent media figures, and professors of media from Egyptian universities. Participating students prepared photographic news reports on the Embassies of Knowledge and their various services. Said reports were then published on the social media accounts of each of the embassies.