Supercomputer Open Day Event/ LinkSCEEM-2 User Meeting Roadshow

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Offering the adequate platform for advancing science and technology, the BA Information and Communication Technology Sector organized “Supercomputer Open day event/LinkSCEEM-2 User Meeting Roadshow”, on 11 July 2012.

The event aimed at introducing the High Performance Computing concepts and the Supercomputer project, and its integration within Linking Scientific Computing in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean (LinkSCEEM) project, which seeks to reinforcie the research output in the Mediterranean basin. There were also a general introduction to LinkSCEEM and its resources, an overview of available HPC systems and software available within LinkSCEEM, a description of the training program of LinkSCEEM and an introduction to its various training events and its available funded fellowships.

Discussions also tackled a thorough explanation of how researchers can access the HPC resources available through LinkSCEEM for the purpose of their scientific research projects.

Attendees were also introduced to the BA Virtual Immersive Science and Technology Applications (VISTA) and its synergic role in research, allowing the visualization of the research output in a 3D simulation which develops new insights with more profound understanding.

Participants were then introduced to the different BA digital initiatives through visiting the “Our Digital World” exhibition, such as Print on Demand, and the Digital Assets Repository (DAR), among others. The exhibition will be open for public soon.

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