The BA Organizes the Science Festivity 2019

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The BA Planetarium Science Center organizes the Science Festivity 2019  on 17 and 18 April, under the title “Where Science Meets Fun”.

The event presents a number of workshops on different scientific subjects such as animals, plants, recycling, chemistry, and the human body. It also provides interesting scientific information through several theatrical performances that appeal to children.

The event takes place in the BA Plaza, and welcomes individuals, families and groups. Since the main aim of the festivity is to raise awareness on the importance of science in an exciting way, school children are specifically targeted in this event.

The Science Festivity has been held annually since 2006, and this year, an entire science village will be constructed on the BA Plaza, where many schools, universities, companies and NGOs will participate in order to present different types of cultural and entertaining activities, and to celebrate the Month of Science.

Additionally, the BA takes part in organizing the events of the Egyptian Month of Science. This initiative aims at raising awareness on the role of science and its effect in the development of societies and nations. The festivities will include several scientific and cultural activities for the public, as well as specialized events for students and researchers.


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