The BA Publishes the Encyclopedic Book Khodeir Al-Portsaidy… An Egyptian School of Arabic Calligraphy

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center published an encyclopedic book on Mosaad Khodeir Al-Portsaidy, the international Artist and Leader of the Calligraphers’ Union of Egypt.

In the book’s foreword, Dr. Moustafa Elfeki, Director of the BA, highlighted Khodeir Al-Portsaidy’s role in developing the Egyptian School of Arabic Calligraphy through introducing creative artistic methods related to the calligraphic panels.

The book is an important comprehensive study of one of the most remarkable calligraphers in the modern age. It documents his artistic and calligraphic legacy from his childhood and upbringing in the city of Port Said, to his work in the Egyptian television, particularly his writings of the opening and closing credits of several TV series and programs.