The BA Organizes a Webinar on “Mamluk Inscriptions in Syria”

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The BA Writing and Scripts Center organizes a webinar entitled “Mamluk Inscriptions in Syria” on Sunday, 24 January 2021, at 2:00 pm, marking one year since the publication of the book Arabic Calligraphy Diwan in Syria: Inscriptions of Mamluk Buildings. The lecture will be delivered by the book’s author and Islamic Inscriptions Researcher Dr. Farag El-Husseiny, and Dr. Mohamed Hamdy, Senior Researcher at the BA Writing and Scripts Center.

The webinar will tackle the state of the Mamluk inscriptions in Syria before the devastation and destruction brought about by the civil war. It will also demonstrate how several illustrations of these inscriptions were fortunately assembled before the war by the Orientalists and old Syrian researchers.

The webinar will be broadcast live through the following link: