The BA Embassies of Knowledge… Remarkable Activities in Spite of the Pandemic

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As part of the BA efforts to maintain its cultural and educational role, and in spite of the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the BA Embassies of Knowledge continued to offer their services and organize events and workshops, while applying all the precautionary health measures, and receiving 50% of their public.

The Embassies of Knowledge continued to offer their services to researchers through the accessibility of databases and scientific websites inside each embassy. During the period of lockdown, the Embassies remotely assisted readers and researchers by sending out articles via email, from the electronic resources available at the BA.

Furthermore, the Embassies broadcast numerous BA events through the ‘webcast’ service, including “Abdel Nasser: Half a Century since his Passing Away” (September 2020), the Annual Francophone Conference (March 2021), and “Tharwat Okasha… Between Politics and Culture” (April 2021). They also organized several workshops on photography, the art of voiceover, journalism, handicrafts, and painting.