The Return of Submerged Antiquities to the BA Antiquities Museum

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The BA Antiquities Museum re-displayed a remarkable collection of unique artefacts following their safe return to Egypt after nearly five years of traveling across the United States and several European countries in world tours.

The exhibition toured a number of European countries, starting with the Arab World Institute in Paris in 2015, followed by the British Museum in the UK and the Rietberg Museum in Zürich, Switzerland. The second international tour was launched in the United States in 2018, and included the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in California, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

The exhibition comprised a carefully selected collection of submerged antiquities belonging to the BA Antiquities Museum, together with some artefacts from Ras es-Soda Temple collection, as well as others that represent the god Osiris. The most iconic item of the exhibition was the statue depicting one of the Ptolemaic queens in the form of the goddess Isis. This outstanding artefact was the highlight of every museum display, attracting the attention of international media and press.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition “Osiris… Egypt’s Sunken Mysteries” featured 293 artefacts from different Egyptian museums such as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Alexandria National Museum, the Graeco-Roman Museum, and the BA Antiquities Museum, in addition to other archaeological discoveries conducted by the General Department for Underwater Antiquities, as part of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities' strategy to promote tourism in Egypt.