“Mediterranean Cinema” Workshops at the BA

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Under the patronage of Prof. Ahmed Zayed, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Center of Francophone Activities organized for the sixth consecutive year workshops and a competition to teach Francophone school students at the secondary level the principles of film criticism in French, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Center for Audio and Visual Communication (CMCA) in Marseille.

The Center selects three films that tackle the issues of the Mediterranean region, as students watch these films and vote for the best one from their point of view, which in turn receives an award at the Mediterranean Film Festival that is held in Marseille from 4 - 9 December 2023.

These workshops aim to enhance students' knowledge of the importance of the seventh art and the film industry, and helps them identify the issues raised in documentary films of the Mediterranean basin. In addition, it allows students to practice the French language, learn about the different governorates of Egypt and take part in organizing festivals at the local and international levels.

The jury selects the best students to attend local and international film festivals, most notably the Mediterranean Film Festival in France, the Cairo International Film Festival, the Cairo Francophone Film Festival, the Luxor African Film Festival, the Aswan International Women's Film Festival, the Panorama of the European Film at Zawya Cinema and the Ismailia International Festival for Documentary and Short Films, among others.

Owing to the Center's desire to expand its Francophone public services in different governorates, it has succeeded in hosting 500 students from six governorates: Alexandria, Mansoura, Port Said, Ismailia, Cairo and Luxor, in cooperation with Delta Modern Language Schools in Mansoura, Misr Public Libraries in Port Said and Luxor and St. Anne School in Cairo.

On the sidelines of these workshops, the Center of Francophone Activities, in cooperation with the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Luxor University, organized a lecture entitled "Documentary Films and their Role in the Service of Education" for students at French language departments.

Sponsors of these activities include the French Consulate General in Alexandria, Francophone schools from various governorates, festivals management, libraries and cultural palaces.