Call for Participation: “Stock Market Analysis” Training Course

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The BA Center for Strategic Studies announces a call for participation for the training course "Stock Market Analysis". The course aims to train the participants on the mechanisms of gathering, sorting and analyzing financial data and information using computational and statistical methods, which should qualify them to understand and enter the financial markets. It will be conducted by Mr. Ahmed Muti, Director of VI Markets.


  • Knowing the correct strategy to deal with price movements, according to market conditions. Based on this strategy, the correct prices can be determined for buying and selling, protecting profit, stopping loss and calculating the expected profit and risk level.
  • Learning how to evaluate local and global stocks and sectors.
  • Learning how to price a variety of financial assets: money market instruments, bonds, stocks.
  • Learning how to read, analyze and use stock tickers.
  • Learning how to analyze the statements of central banks and their reflection on the financial markets.
  • Learning the necessary foundations of financing for both investors and decision makers.


25 and 26 December 2023.

Target Group:

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science and the Faculties of Business Administration, as well as post-graduate researchers (MA, PhD).


The course is free of charge. Certificates of attendance will be handed out to those who attend the full course.


The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center.


The training course will be held over two days, with an average of three sessions per day, in addition to an interactive workshop for participants.

For registration, please follow the link below:

Registration is open from 4 to 11 December 2023. Only accepted applicants will be contacted by email.