“The Arab City and the Decline of Urban Values” in a Webinar at the BA

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The BA Sustainable Development Studies, Youth Capacity Building, and African Relations Support Program organizes a webinar entitled “The Arab City and the Decline of Urban Values”, delivered by Prof. Samir Abdel Rahman Al-Shamiri, Professor of Sociology at the University of Aden. The event will be held on Monday, 18 December 2023, at 7:00 pm (Cairo time).

This event is part of a series of seminars entitled "Social Sciences in a Changing World", launched by the BA last August, in cooperation with the Center for Research and Social Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University.

The webinar will discuss the urban components of the city of Aden within the framework of presenting the features of urban decline and the deterioration of civil life in the city. It will also address the urban challenges facing Arab cities.

The event will be moderated by Dr. Ahmed Zayed, Professor of Sociology and Director of the BA.

The event is open for public and will be broadcast through the following link: