International Museum Day Workshop at CULTNAT

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As part of the International Museum Day, which is celebrated around the world on 18 May of each year, the BA Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) organized a workshop entitled "The Ancient Egyptian House", on Thursday, 16 May 2024. The event was part of three consecutive workshops for a group of primary school children from the Lycée Voltaire - Le Caire School. The workshops take place at the Center's headquarters in the Smart Village.

The topics of these workshops align with the theme of this year’s celebration (Museums for Education and Research), which is approved by the International Council of Museums. The workshop provided information about the Meketre collection, which features models of houses, workshops, and public buildings in ancient Egypt during the Middle Kingdom, as it is considered a source of several engineering, architectural, climate, and life sciences. Participants were able to re-create these models in a modern way.