The BA “Memory of Modern Egypt” (MoME) project is a collaborative effort between ISIS and the Special Projects Department. It is a digital repository documenting the last 200 years of Egypt’s modern history through tens of thousands of varying items, such as documents, pictures, audios, videos, maps, articles, stamps, coins, etc. that created an index of 14 different material types. The interface and the underlying infrastructure of the repository allow the user to browse by facets, thus allowing for optimum data filtration and a more precise browsing. The repository is structured around five main themes with each of these divided into subtopics, thus creating an index of over 500 dimensions. Each item in the repository is classified according to one or more of the theme subtopics as well as a certain material type, resulting in the creation of a multidimensional web of materials and themes interrelating with each other to enable the user to explore the connections between the different sources in the repository. This offers an exceptional informative visual tool for the user to overview Egypt’s modern history. Additionally, the repository’s infrastructure was designed to accommodate expandability, thus allowing continuous addition to the content. MoME website won Al-Kindi Informatics Award as the best cultural website in Arabic in 2009.