The BA Special Projects Department has launched the Memory of the Arab World project. The project aims to create the largest digital repository to document the history of the Arab world, all its forms, and its different eras. The repository will present different political, social, economic, and cultural facets of the Arab world history from a neutral perspective, shedding light on relatively unknown historical events. The Memory of the Arab World website user will be able to explore the entire historical timeline and examine political, social, and cultural aspects of history. Biographies of rulers, poets, artists, and politicians will also be available for perusal through the different topics and events included in the repository. The first stage of development will include at least 5000 documentary materials, such as photos, documents, newspaper clippings, and documentaries from 22 Arab countries. The website launch is set for late 2016 accompanied by an exhibition showcasing plaques and archived materials. The exhibition will be transferred to several Arab countries to introduce them to the website and its role in documenting Arab life.