Memory of Egypt is a quarterly magazine, published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Its first issue was published in October 2009. The magazine is characterized by its distinctive cultural topics that combine politics, history, and economics with the customs, traditions, hobbies, and interests of the Egyptian people. The 92-page magazine includes the following several permanent sections: The First Issue, In Commemoration, Old Traditions, Words from the Past, Cinema Memory, Postage Stamps, Medals of Honor, Protocols and Ceremonies, Tales from Egypt, Book Reviews, Websites, European Perspective, Believe It or Not, Search in the Memory of Egypt, and Anecdotes. The magazine also includes a selection of humorous advertisements and unique articles written by young and distinguished researchers. The magazine aims to expand its circulation among readers between 2015–2020 and conduct surveys to determine the readers’ interests. The BA will offer magazine subscriptions to facilitate the accessibility and attainability of the magazine to the general public. It will also produce print-outs and posters—photos, postage stamps, old advertisements, character posters—that will be distributed free-of-charge with every issue whenever it is financially feasible to do so without compromising the number of copies available for the published issues.