The various serial issues of Marased magazine are specialized in the sociology of religion; they aim to study the changes and developments that occur in Islamic Arab communities, especially the ones concerning the relationship between religion and the society. Some of these changes have led to the rise of intellectual and religious extremist and terrorist groups, and have created anti-Islamic principles and values, such as violence and excommunication. Consequently, thousands have marched to the battlefields under the pretext of wanting to achieve and realize “true religion”.

The in-depth analysis of these phenomenon, their origins, and their causes gives way to the criticism of fanatic and extreme discourse, enabling and encouraging people who are targeted by extremist groups to question the credibility of the intellectual foundation and basis of such groups. Marased also raises issues of social decadence in light of the escalation of the values of modernity, the disintegration of the family unit, and the collapse of the structure of values and principles.

Moreover, the accumulation of inherited historical traditions, which are considered a part of religion, requires us to revisit the details and manifestations of these traditions and thoroughly examine and reinterpret them in accordance with our modern time.

Marased series is a non-periodical publication issued by the BA Futuristic Studies Unit.