A new archive of Egyptian press is currently available online as the outcome of a collaboration between (CEDEJ) and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA). Driven by their mutual roles to document and preserve heritage, both institutions are pleased to present more than 800,000 press articles in Arabic, English, and French. The collection dates back from the period between the 1970’s and 2010, thus allowing the public to follow the evolution of contemporary Egyptian society from political, cultural, and economic perspectives.


Since 1976, CEDEJ has formed a wealth of 800,000 articles taken from 24 daily and weekly Egyptian and Arab print newspapers and 11 digital ones. The articles were divided into 15 categories, depending on their subject, and each category was classified into sub-themes. Hence, this vast collection allows users to keep track of the occurring changes in the modern Egyptian society. This rich, digital collection has acquired an added value owing to the modern technological techniques deployed by the BA, who had digitized the press clips and provided them online, with the collaboration of CEDEJ, which had catalogued and indexed the collection for its dissemination online.