Bibliotheca Alexandrina Information for Africa (BAIFA) is an information service for African countries.

Through BAIFA, the BA is capitalizing on a former effort started by the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands (KIT) together with Elsevier based on two memoranda of understanding signed by the both of them. These two memoranda serve the best interest of researchers and research institutions in African least-developed and low-income countries.

The BAIFA website includes full access to two of Elsevier’s databases (ScienceDirect and Scopus) for eligible researchers and research institutions that meet BAIFA membership criteria.  

The BAIFA website also offers free access to a large number of e-resources on diverse themes, such as culture, knowledge transfer, decentralization and local governance, health, and sustainable economic development. 

This service also provides diverse training programs, including information literacy and library professional development courses, in addition to other courses in collaboration with Elsevier.

The BA will not only work on keeping the BAIFA resources frequently updated but will also strive to fulfil the scholarly needs of its members.

For registration or more information please send an e-mail to