During the period between March 2006 and October 2007, Alex Med undertook a survey of the bathhouses, or hammams, of Alexandria as part of its overall mission to study, document and preserve the city’s architectural and urban heritage. Multiple documents from the archives of the Alexandria law courts and municipality, which are kept in Dar el Watha’ak el Qaumayya (the National Archives), were used in addition to documents from other sources. During the course of this survey, an unknown hammam called the Hassan Abdallah Hammam, was discovered. Moreover, reconstructions of the design of three hammams that no longer exist, were made according to detailed descriptions discovered in old documents. Finally, the geographic location of ancient hammams, that no longer exist, was ascertained using old maps.

The major findings of this survey were published in a book entitled Hammamat el Eskandarieh fe el Qarnien el Tas’a ‘ashar wal ‘ashreen in November 2007 coinciding with the fifth anniversary celebrations of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.