The Plaza Project was launched in April 2008, offering grants to young filmmakers to produce short narrative films that take place in the outdoor plaza of the BA. The idea captured the imagination of many young filmmakers.  The Arts Center received twenty eight scripts from which the winners were selected. Filmmakers have to shoot their films entirely in the external plaza of the Library. The idea is not limited to the BA Plaza as a location; it extends to the concept of the “plaza” in our daily life since it is a place where different categories (age groups, cultural backgrounds, and social classes) of the society meet, whether they are BA visitors or staff, students of the University of Alexandria (located across the street), or simply pedestrians crossing the Corniche Road to Port Said Street. In November 2009, the project produced three films by three filmmakers from Alexandria; Setta fi Tes'a (6 x 9), directed by Belal Hosni, 11 min; Ashya' Mushabeha (Resemblances), directed by Sherief Zohairy, 6 min; and Terahen? (You Wanna Bet?), directed by Mark Lotfy, 16 min. The second edition of the Plaza Project was announced in December 2009.