In cooperation with the Wellcome Library and King’s College London Digital Humanities Department, the BA launched the Wellcome Arabic Manuscript Cataloguing Partnership (WAMCP) with a fund from JISC Islamic Studies Programme and the Wellcome Trust. Based on the Wellcome Library Arabic manuscript collection, this unique online resource includes well-known medical texts by famous practitioners such as Avicenna, Ibn al-Quff, and Ibn an-Nafis, lesser-known works by anonymous physicians and rare copies such as Averroes’ commentaries on Avicenna’s medical poetry. Using groundbreaking functionalities, WAMCP brings together rich descriptive information and exceptionally detailed images. Moreover, significant passages in the manuscripts, such as the incipits, basmala, explicits and section headings, are fully transcribed. Presenting the remarkable collections at the Wellcome Trust using the technical and academic expertise of the BA, the project succeeded in surmounting the challenges of digitizing manuscripts and created a resource that opens up new avenues in Islamic Studies.