This project is a collaborative effort between ISIS and the Special Projects Department . It provides information on the life of late President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat for historians, politicians, and researchers to analyze and study one of the most important transitional periods in Egyptian history. The project compiles all the material pertaining to the late President Anwar El-Sadat in a digital archive documenting an important epoch in the discourse of Egyptian history. Chronicles of the glorious October battle, the protocols of Camp David Accords, and interviews of the late President with local and international broadcasts are all available in audio or video format among 220 documentary films featuring El-Sadat on different occasions. The material was compiled from different sources, such as news agencies, museums, various other institutions, and a collection graciously granted by the late President’s family. The database was published on the Internet with tools and features that facilitate easy navigation through the website. The digital archive also enables users to perform comprehensive searches among the different sections and categories of data.