The Computer Training Program at TH Library is designed to increase and support independence and self-sufficiency for blind through appropriate training and access to computer technology. This training also qualifies the visually impaired to the requirements of the labor market and offers numerous opportunities of studying many fields, and receiving good education.

The training course areas of concentration include keyboarding, computer programs, E-mail, Internet, and the technology that makes computers accessible to blind users. These include JAWS for Windows screen reading software, ZoomText screen enlargement software and Microsoft Office applications.

The course includes different levels, such as beginners, intermediate and advanced courses.

Moreover, the course aims at: 

  1. Rehabilitating the visually impaired to the labor market enabling themwith the skills required as computer automation.
  2. Providing independence and privacy for the blind and visually impaired.
  3. Enabling and supporting the blind and visually impaired to keep up with modern technologies.
  4. Rehabilitation for certification in various areas and providing certificates, such as ICDL.
  5. Working to provide materials required for computer courses commensurate with the requirements of the visually impaired.
  6. Providing advanced training courses in various fields, such as Web Programming and Python Object Oriented Programming.
  7. Equal opportunities for the visually impaired through integration in education, nomination to the post, communication with the community.