CULTURAMA is a cultural panoramic show portraying the history of Egypt and is considered the first interactive nine-screen panorama worldwide.

Developed by the Egyptian Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT), the BA CULTURAMA is an innovative mix of cultural and natural heritage information presented using an informative multimedia program and the latest display technology. Winner of many awards with Patent Right No. 23651 from the Ministry of State for Scientific Research in Egypt, the CULTURAMA allows the presentation of a wealth of data layers, where the presenter can click on an item and go to a new level of details. It is a remarkably informative multi-media presentation of Egypt’s heritage over 5,000 years of history up to modern times, with highlights and examples of Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, and Islamic heritage, in addition to highlighting the most important touristic attractions in Alexandria through an interactive map that shows the great heritage of the city.

The hardware consists of a huge 180 degree panoramic interactive computer screen with a 10 meter diameter that contains nine separate flat screens, arranged in a semicircular pattern, and nine video projectors controlled by a single computer. An Interactive multimedia software was specially developed by our team to properly operate the panoramic screen.