The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, through the Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT), took part in the development process of the National Military Museum, located at the Citadel of Saladin, in cooperation with the Department of Military Museums (Egyptian Ministry of Defense). The process included the documentation of a number of rare archaeological and historical artefacts, and their preparation for display using modern optical and technological systems, in line with the Egyptian state’s development plans. One of these systems features an interactive panoramic display of the history of the Egyptian military over the centuries, from the onset of the Pharaonic civilization to the modern age.

This documentation is a testament to the historic role of pride and glory played by the Egyptian military in safeguarding the Egyptian territory and identity, and preserving the heritage of future generations.

The development process also included the implementation of a hologram system on a number of artefacts, in addition to developing a program on cell phones using the technique of augmented reality, which enables visitors to explore the historical military Battle of Kadesh.

This endeavor comes as part of the National Military Museum’s celebration of the 48th anniversary of the October War.