BioVision Alexandria (BVA) is an international event organized by the BA in partnership with the World Life Sciences Forum (BioVision). It is a continuation of a tradition that started with the BioVision conference in 1999 in Lyon, France. Since 2004,  BioVision Alexandria has been held every other year, alternating with the World Life Sciences Forum held in Lyon. BioVision Alexandria is an important gathering that brings together distinguished speakers and Nobel Laureates from the four corners of the globe through rich discussions commemorating science and the finest achievements of the human intellect. It includes representatives of the greatest minds in the realms of industry, science, policy-making, media, and civil society. The ultimate goal is to provide a platform for exchange of information and dialogue to explore the different ways in which life sciences can help us face the challenges of the 21st century—a vital step toward global economic development that helps improve the quality of life for all. BioVision Alexandria aims to increase the participation of developing countries in this important global dialogue. As the BA is a key player in building bridges and fostering dialogue, BioVision Alexandria presents a unique opportunity for North–South collaborations by bringing in new scientific knowledge to the South.