Mohamed Shaker is a prominent plastic artist and the former Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University. He is also a Professor Emeritus in the Painting Department. Winner of several awards and international and national certificates of appreciation, Shaker has greatly influenced young artists throughout several generations. He has also contributed to several beautification projects with his distinguished artistic works including mosaic murals and painted glass, in addition to his artistic works displayed at several international and governmental institutions. 

Donated by Artist Mohamed Shaker, the Museum comprises four apartments and includes approximately 160 original artistic works, in addition to a large number of photographs of public and beautification projects along with his medals and accolades, which were awarded to him throughout his professional career.

The Museum also comprises Shaker’s personal library including his personal books and copies of the theses, which he had supervised.

The Museum is located at 309 Al-Geish Road, Saba Pasha, Alexandria.