The BA Antiquities Museum organizes a lecture entitled “Medicine in Ancient Egypt” on Sunday, 16 June 2019; 1:00 noon at the BA Antiquities Museum, Afterlife Section. The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Manal Fawzy, Lecturer of History and Ancient Egyptian Civilization at the Tour Guiding Department, Higher Institute of Hotels and Tourism (E.G.O.T.H), Alexandria.

The lecture will discuss the achievements of ancient Egyptians in the field of medicine, as evidenced by the medical papyri and illustrations on the walls of temples and tombs, making of this documentation a universal human heritage that paved the way for later civilizations, such as the Greek and Roman civilizations.


Event Schedule

Location Date From: To: Activity Admission
Main Building – BA Museums 16 Jun 2019 13:00 15:00 Lecture Open For Public