BioVisionAlexandria 2006: New Life Sciences – Changing Lives, 26-29 April

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Alexandria— The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is hosting “BioVisionAlexandria 2006 , New Life Sciences – Changing Lives” from 26-29 April 2006 in Alexandria. The conference is a sequel to the series of Biovision"s conferences held alternatively in Alexandria and Lyon since 1999. The conference aims to blend new and old ideas, inventions, knowledge and also scrutinize the implications as well as the potential applications of Life Sciences.

The Conference will be attended by the experts of highest caliber and Nobel laureates, distinguished keynote speakers, Ministers of Health and Agriculture, and eminent scientists from the four corners of the globe to establish constructive dialogues and exchange vital information relevant to the Biotechnology field. The aim is to efficiently tackle the arousing challenges of the 21st century with regard to life sciences, an aim regarded as the cornerstone for further community amelioration and improvement in all facets of life.

Over the course of three days, the conference will tackle vital issues, issues related to health, agri-food, the environment, drought, diabetes, and ethics. The participants will discuss the Quality of Science; Science for Humanity; Technology of Hope; the launch of the Disease Control Priorities Project- DCPP; Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD); Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology research, in the context of global challenges; Life Sciences and Development in Africa; Burden of Diabetes– Need for Global Action; Facilitating Biotech to Make a Good Impact for a More Balanced Development of the World; HarvestPlus: Breeding Crops for Better Nutrition; as well as discussing the SuperCourse project that is considered an open source for educating researchers and students in fields of health.

Along side the conference, a number of events will take place among which are the launching of “La main à la Pâte" in Arabic; “BioFair”, a fair that gathers publishers, institutions, organizations and industrial companies involved in life sciences and related topics to display publications, services and products; A Poster Session, an exhibition that focuses on health discoveries and agri-food and environment discoveries.

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