The BA Organizes Four Workshops to Develop Children and Adolescents' Talents

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Alexandria— The BA Child and Adolescent Creative Unit will organize, during the period 28 July–5 August 2007, a program including 4 workshops to develop children's talents, and a lecture delivered to children's supervisors by a group of specialists in different fields. Neam El-Baz, Renowned Writer and Journalist, is the founder of the program and will present and supervise all the workshops.

The program will start by a two-day workshop on story-telling entitled "How to narrate a story? How to illustrate a story? How to change a story into drama?" for children (5–8 years old), held on 28–29 July 2007, 12:00–15:00 hrs, at Alexandria Atelier.

The first day, 28 July, will be a discussion with children on stories. Each child will narrate a story, while the others will try to draw it. Mariam Ahmed Nohi, will state her experience in changing her story to a puppet show and how it was awarded the Silver Award at the Cairo International Film Festival for Children, for its drawings and puppets. "The Moon's Tree" film will be also shown on the first day.

The second four-day workshop entitled "Let us prepare a magazine for Alexandria" for children 10–16 years, 30 July–2 August 2007, 12:00–15:00 hrs, will be held at Alexandria Atelier. In the workshop, Mama Neam will discuss, with children, their perceptions of the different steps to prepare a magazine, including the role of: Chief Editor, Deputy Chief Editor, and Managing Editor; and the different departments of a magazine, artists, photographers, editors, archives, and secretariat.

The third workshop will be entitled "Five Question Marks on Reading", held on Friday, 3 August 2007 at 16:00 hrs, at the BA Young People’s Library. Five children ranging 8-15 years will be selected to discuss a book with Mama Neam El-Baz after reading it.

The Alexandria Atelier will host on Saturday, 4 August 2007, at 17:00 hrs, a discussion and a lecture on the importance of developing talents in children. The program will conclude on Sunday, 5 August 2007, 12:00–15:00 hrs, with a workshop for the blind.


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