The BA Adopts “Reissuing the Classics” Project

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Alexandria— The BA held a session entitled “Reissuing the Classics” on the fringe lines of the Fifth Arab Reform Conference, to discuss the Library’s project of reissuing and translating selected Islamic heritage books.

The session was chaired by Dr. Ismail Serageldin and participated by Dr. Abdel Salam El Masdi (Tunisia) and Dr. Mohamed Omara (Egypt). At the beginning of the session, the participants presented the project of reissuing Islamic heritage in Arabic and translating theses books in English and French, publishing, printing and launching them on the Internet to be accessible to Arabs and foreigners.

The project will include some books by contemporary writers, such as Dr. Mohamed Emara and Dr. Mohamed Selim Al-Awa, which would increase Arab youths awareness on their heritage on one hand, and introduces our Islamic heritage to the West on the other hand. The project will also benefit Muslims living in the west and link them to their heritage.


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