The BA Documents the History of Sports, and Sports Clubs in Egypt Within the ‘Memory of Modern Egypt’ Digital Project

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Alexandria— As part of the ‘Memory of Modern Egypt’ Digital Project, the BA is documenting the history of Egyptian sports as well as the history of old Egyptian clubs.

Dr. Khaled Azab, Project Supervisor, announced that for the first time, the History of sports, and sports clubs in Egypt is fully documented by the Library of Alexandria including text articles that cover the history of these clubs as part of the first phase of this huge project.

Mahmoud Ezzat, responsible for the sports section, stated that documenting the history of Egyptian sports is divided into several sub-sections, the first of which is dedicated to documenting the history of Egyptian clubs, such Al-Ahly (1907) and El-Zamalek (1911), in addition to other clubs, which are not very well-known. This section comprises articles on each club, its origin, history, development, board of directors, important sport games, and several tables and statistics of each club.

The sub-section also features several photo albums and rare documents of each club, revealing the history of these clubs, and its role in Egyptian sports, as well as list of honors and championships of each club.

The second sub-section covers the history of sports in Egypt in general, and other important subjects including the origin of the Egyptian Football Association and the history of the football game in Egypt, the participation of Egypt in the International and Arab Olympics, the origin of boxing in Egypt, and finally a list of Egyptian Olympic champions.

It is worth mentioning that the “Memory of Modern Egypt” is a definitive digital repository of materials documenting Egypt’s rich modern history, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, through photographs, films, stamps, coins, newspapers, magazines, documents, and historic studies that were drafted specifically for the Project. The Memory is a joint endeavor between the BA International School of Information Science (ISIS) in charge of the technical part, and the BA Special Projects Department that is in charge of the scientific content.

The ‘Memory of Modern Egypt’ Project’s website will be launched on the internet in October 2008.


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