Memory of Modern Egypt Documents Egyptian Constitutions

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Alexandria— The history of Egypt shows a long struggle by the Egyptian people for the sake of a constitution, this aspect of Egyptian history was not overlooked in the BA project “Memory of Modern Egypt”.

Mahmoud Ezzat who is responsible for this section of the project, has undertaken the documentation of the full text of the constitutions together will all amendments , beginning with the bylaw of the High Council in 1825 and up to the issuance of Egypt’s permanent constitution in 1971. The section also compiles all news and articles printed by the Egyptian press on this subject throughout Egypt’s modern and contemporary history.

It is worth mentioning that the “Memory of Modern Egypt” is a definitive digital repository of materials documenting Egypt’s rich modern history, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, through photographs, films, stamps, coins, newspapers, magazines, documents, and historic studies that were drafted specifically for the Project. The Memory is a joint endeavor between the BA International School of Information Science (ISIS) in charge of the technical part, and the BA Special Projects Department that is in charge of the scientific content.


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