The Legacy of Abdel Rahman Badawi

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Alexandria, 27 July—The Library of Alexandria has honored posthumously Dr. Abdel-Rahman Badawi, who is largely regarded as the architect of modern Arab philosophy, presenting his family with the Library’s plaque. The family donated a collection of 12,600 rare books and manuscripts that belonged to Dr. Badawi. A second donation awarded by the family to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina is Dr. Badawi’s complete library that he collected during his 30-year stay in Paris. The presentation was made at a special commemorative ceremony that was organized by the Library on the first anniversary of Dr. Badawi’s death. Born in 1917, Dr. Badawi passed away on 25 December 2002, leaving behind 200 books and an enduring influence on modern Arab philosophical tradition, according to several speakers who paid tribute to his legacy at the ceremony… more