Conference about Penelope Delta at the BA

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Alexandria—The BA Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center, in cooperation with the Greek Cultural Center in Cairo, the Universities of Alexandria, Al Azhar, Sorbonne, and Athens and the Psychico College in Athens are co-organizing an international Conference about the works of the Greek Novelist Penelope Delta, entitled “Historicity, Biography, Fiction and Language in the Works of Penelope Delta: The Greek Nation at the End of the 19th Century”, on 9 April 2009.

Penelope Delta (1874- 1941) was born in Alexandria to Greek parents and then moved to Athens where she later married. She returned to Alexandria and then moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where she published her first novel. Delta became the most noted author of Greek children's literature. She died tragically during the World War II, committing suicide when the Germans entered Athens.

The Conference will take place at the BACC Lectures Hall at 4:00 pm.


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