Rediscovering Cities and Egypt’s Heritage in the Latest Issue of Memory of Egypt

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The BA has published the 24th issue of the Memory of Egypt magazine; a quarterly magazine published as part of the Memory of Modern Egypt project documenting Egypt’s modern and contemporary history. Young researchers and historians with various perspectives contribute to the magazine.

This new issue rediscovers Egyptian heritage through a number of topics. It’s interest does not simply lie in recapturing Egyptian heritage, but also utilizing it to benefit the national economy.

In an article titled “Beit El Keretleya…A Museum of Islamic World Art that Recaptures the Memories of 1001 Nights”, this issue documents the architectural layout of Beit El Keretleya using different images as this house is considered by many international heritage experts to be one of the finest oriental houses. The issue also includes an article titled “Tennis Island, its Name, History and Excavations”. The article revolves around the Egyptian island which played a huge cultural role in the history of Islamic Egypt. Numerous scientists and scholars emerged from Tennis Island, and it was also the main harbor for the Egyptian fleet and contained a dockyard. Moreover, the island was an important center for the textile industry as the Kiswet Al Kaaba was manufactured there for centuries.

This issue also covers the topic of trade in 19th century Egypt, as well as the history of Assiut University, and the history of horses during the Mamluk era. The issue also covers many more topics pertaining to Egypt’s modern heritage.