Memory of Egypt Tours Cairo’s Saraya

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The BA has issued the 25th issue of Memory of Egypt Magazine; a quarterly magazine published as part of the Memory of Modern Egypt project documenting Egypt’s modern and contemporary history. Young researchers and historians with various perspectives contribute to the magazine.

This issue includes a special profile on the saraya and palaces of Cairo, through which Amr Samih Talat takes the reader on a journey “Among the Saraya”.

The magazine also mentions the Gezirah Palace, which was one of the palaces rebuilt by Khedive Ismail. The place was originally called The Big Palace, and it consisted of a large number of building units that lined up along the shore of the Nile.

This issue also includes various other topics, including “Muhammad Beik Taymour and His House in Shubra”, “Sultan Hussein Pasha: The Glamor of the Emirate and the Disappearance of the Sultanate” by Dr. Moustapha al-Gharib, “The Lighthouse of Port Said and the Dream of Enlightenment” by Tarek Ibrahim Husseiny, “The Mosques of Alexandria: Unknown Pages of Egyptian Heritage” by Dr. Islam Assem Abdel Karim, “The Eastern League” by Abdel Wahab Shaker, and “Manqabad: History and Heritage” by Ahmed Abdel Atti Hassan Omar, among others.


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