BA Prepares to Establish new Embassies of Knowledge in Egyptian Universities

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The BA is preparing to establish new Embassies of Knowledge in Egyptian Universities. These embassies represent a replication of the full digital functionalities and privileges offered to BA visitors in order to disseminate culture, education, and knowledge all over Egypt.

This initiative is concurrent with the execution of the second phase of developing the BA (the second ten-year phase of the Library’s establishment). The development is done through expanding and spreading outside Alexandria and establishing BA branches within the universities and the research centers covering Egypt in order to provide services for researchers, to disseminate culture and knowledge, and to support scientific research.

Throughout this year, 18 Embassies of Knowledge have been equipped, operated, and established in 18 public Egyptian universities. Additionally, protocols for establishing embassies in the universities of Suez, Ain Shams, and Bani Suef have been signed. The process of their preparation is set to begin this month and extend to July, while protocols for establishing embassies in the three remaining universities—Asiut, Helwan, and Alexandria (Marsa Matrouh Branch)—during August and September are still being processed.