Major General Hamed Hammouda’s Family Donate his Belongings to the BA

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The belongings of Major General Hamed Hammouda, who was Head of the General Administration of the Military Courts, have been donated by his family to the BA. The items included in the donation will be made available on the Memory of Modern Egypt website as part of the BA program dedicated to documenting the Egyptian history and public figures who influenced our contemporary history.

The donation includes presidential decrees related to military laws, as well as several honorary collars, medals, and certificates of merit acquired by Major General Hamed Hammouda throughout his military career, during which he helped develop military laws that remain in effect to this day.

Major General Hamed Hammouda took part in the retrial of Lieutenant General Sedqi Mahmoud, Commander of the Egyptian Air Forces, following the 1967 defeat. He also worked on the murder case of Sheik Al Zahaby and the case pertaining to the students of the Military Technical College. Moreover, among his most important cases was the trial of the assassins of late President Anwar Sadat.