Dr. Essam Elsaeed Wins the General Union of Arab Archaeologists Award

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Dr. Essam Elsaeed, a professor of the history of Egypt and the Ancient Near East at Alexandria University and the Director of the BA Manuscript Center, has won the 2016 Dr. Abdulrahman al-Tayeb al-Ansary Award, which is organized and presented by the General Union of Arab Archaeologists.

This award celebrates Dr. Elsaeed’s exceptional scientific an academic careers, for he has held several distinguished positions, including the director of the Institute of Coptic Studies, Alexandria University; the director of the Egyptian cultural center in Nouakchott; a cultural attaché at the Egyptian Embassy in Mauritania; and a visiting professor at the University of Manchester, UK, from 2007 to 2014.

Dr. Essam Elsaeed was a professor at the Beirut Arab University (BAU) and the Sultan Qaboos University. He has authored a number of scientific publications on the history of Egypt and the Ancient Near East, in addition to several papers and scientific and cultural contributions in Egypt and abroad. He has also published numerous research projects, including his most recent project that was published in 2016 in Illinois, USA, and a research paper in the University of Manchester in 2016 in commemoration of English Archeologist Rosalie David.