BA Manuscript Museum Visits 57357 Hospital

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In light of its adoption and implementation of the Art Therapy initiative, the BA Manuscript Museum organized a visit to the Children's Cancer Hospital 57357 on 25 October. The visit aimed to conduct a workshop the hospital, titled “Get to Know the Ancient Library of Alexandria”.

The workshop included a variety of activities for children of different ages to interact with. The activities began with a presentation on the ancient Library of Alexandria and its holdings of the papyri and manuscripts of renowned scientists. The presentation also included an explanation of ancient writing methods and how paper can be made from animal skins, as well as an explanation of the content of the current Manuscript Museum. The presentation was followed by a handcrafts workshop, where each child created a model of a book and was introduced to different writing methods using ink and quill pens.

After the workshop, the Manuscript Museum staff visited the different hospital departments, medical units, labs, and clinics around the hospital. They were also informed of the different ways to donate to the hospital, and of the hospital’s future projects.

The workshop aimed to improve the morale of the ailing children using simple and engaging educational techniques, as the BA believes in the role of art in treating various diseases, including cancer.


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