BA Organizes “Islamic Culture: A Contemporary View” Course in Metoubes

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The BA is organizing a course titled “Islamic Culture: A Contemporary View” in the town of Metoubes. The course targets 18–38 year old participants and is set to be held from 4 to 22 June 2017.

The course aims to pass on the scientific expertise of intellectuals to new generations of youths through the in-depth discussions and brainstorming of the topics of lectures given by an elite group of professors and specialists. This will, in turn, help fill the youths’ intellectual void in a scientific manner and will contribute to the discussions that raise questions revolving around Islam as a religion, a method, and a culture.

The course program consists of a series of lectures that will be held during the month of Ramadan. The program includes several lectures, such as “Language and Intellect in Islamic Culture” by Dr. Medhat Issa, Director of the BA Manuscripts Center; “The Origin of Tafsir” by Dr. Mohmed Yehya al Kettani; and “The Aesthetics of the Arabic Language” by Dr. Mohamed Abu Shawareb.

The course also includes lectures on various other topics, such as popular literature in Islamic times, Islamic Arabic calligraphy, psychology and societal issues, and “The Jurisprudence of Urbanism”, as well as a field trip to explore Islamic antiquities in Fuwwah.

The course targets 18–35 year old youths . Only the first 40 applications will be accepted, and the BA will reward each participant that attends 70% of the lectures with LE 500 worth of books.

To participate in the course, kindly apply via sending an email to