Agenda Exhibition 2011

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The BA holds its Fourth Round of the Agenda Exhibition from 21 April to 7 May 2011.

One hundred seventy five artists from 15 countries participates in this round, combining different art forms. Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Ghany, General Commissioner of Agenda 2011 and Arts Center Advisor, has dedicated the Exhibition to artists whom we have lost this year: Mariam Abd El-Alim, Adly Rezk Allah, Ahmed Kamal, and Attia Hussein.

The Exhibition was scheduled to be held on the fringe lines of the Eighth Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups last February, but due to the rise of the glorious Egyptian Revolution the Forum was postponed.

Prior to the Opening, a documentary on Martyr Ahmed Bassiounni, who died on the Friday of Anger, 28 January 2011, was screened, directed by Shady El-Noshokaty.