The BA Children’s Library Organizes 2018 Summer Program

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The BA Children's Library is organizing its 2018 summer activities and workshops program under the title “Biblio Challenges Boredom”, which will include the following:

Reading Area Program

This program deals with interesting and diverse topics that differ daily and are presented to children through presentations, storytelling, handcrafts, games, and theater performances. Through this program, the Children’s Library aspires to develop the children's skills through allocating time for them to use the computer, create various designs using construction cubes, and organizing many different activities for children to undertake during their presence in the library reading area. The Reading Area Program is set to begin on 13 May 2018 and end on 13 September 2018. This program is offered to all children in the reading area of the Children's Library.

Summer Activities Program

This program consists of various activities that are provided to groups of children by specialist and that deal with a variety of topics, including technology, Sunken Archaeology, talents, history and museums. Through this program, we organize visits to external places of heritage and touristic places in Alexandria. The Children’s Library Activities Program is set to start on 1 June 2018 and end at 19 August 2018. The closing ceremony of the summer activities is going to be held on 30 August 2018. The aforementioned activities are booked electronically through the library website.

An Awareness Program for Parents

This program deals with several topics of interest to parents, such as positive parenting, behavioral modification, how to develop children's skills, and other interesting topics presented by a selection of professors and specialists. The parents’ program is set to begin on 24 June 2018 and end on 16 August 2018. For reservations and inquiries, please contact the Children's Library Reference Office.